Community Projects

The Christmas House has been a major project. All electric has been replaced, the interior was refurbished, and a new deck was installed just in time for Christmas on the Canal 2023. 

Christmas House

The Main Street Kiosk was installed in 2022, at the corner of Canal and Water Streets. Here you will find flyers for upcoming events happening all around the county.

2022 plate

The Plate Auction has been a popular feature. Each year starting in 2022, a new plate is made, then the first few are numbered and auctioned off during Strawberry Festival. Plate #1 featured the old Bolivar High School 1927-1956. Plate #2 (2023) was of the “new” Tusky Valley High School in service from 1961-2023. Plate #3 (2024) is the new Tusky Valley Middle/High School which opened in 2023.

Plates are still available for sale while supply lasts!

2023 plate
Bolivar Main Street

In September of 2023, the Discover Bolivar sign as seen from Interstate 77 was lit.

Also in 2023, Bolivar Main Street was able to help Zane Anderson, a local Eagle Scout; with a donation toward his project to help fix up Bolivar’s oldest cemetery.